The Waiting Game

I’ve never liked waiting. For anything. Today in a short line at my local pharmacy, there was only one cashier; and she was training an obvious new hire. OMG. I heard identical, patiently-repeated instructions in monotone from the head cashier, after each identical mistake the new person made. “Second checker, please!” I sent this command … Continue reading The Waiting Game

“Talkin’Bout My Generation…”

(Channeling The Who to begin this Post...) Here’s my question for today:  Other than for sociologic discussions, why do we need to isolate, characterize and compare Generations of human beings? It seems to me that we’re already in our ‘corners’ on all kinds of topics, ready to advance with fists up, to argue, fight and … Continue reading “Talkin’Bout My Generation…”

Now and Then

It feels like years that I’ve been actively engaged in trying to figure myself out. Not with any lofty ‘enlightenment’ goal, necessarily; just trying to troubleshoot, problem solve, make sense of my choices and their consequences. Even now, I play the ‘what if’ game in my head:  second-guessing the paths I’ve taken and wondering how … Continue reading Now and Then

Blaming & Shaming

My father was a French professor and total Francophile. It wasn’t that he thought so highly of the French as individuals; his personality type just gravitated toward French culture’s well-known celebration of its own opinions and beliefs about the human condition. From my perspective (parental influence and my own travel experiences), the French have the … Continue reading Blaming & Shaming

Who Are You?

Yesterday morning I had a conversation with a colleague who has her own consulting business. We were discussing the difference between ‘coaching’ (as you might do, following an employee’s performance review), and ‘mentoring’ (which is more personally-supportive). Mentoring requires more of a relationship with the person that wants and needs help; coaching doesn’t. Even though … Continue reading Who Are You?